Weingut Isegrim


True to the motto “tradition is the natural enemy of progress”, 1979 Senior Klaus made the first step into organic viticulture. Today Mira and Sören can live up to their creativity at the winery.

Finding what's behind the material good is their goal. The biodynamic idea, or Anthroposophy, fills a crucial role in their wine estate - a way of life rather than a way to work. They also believe that we, as humans, should not take ourselves too seriously in life. Why? Life’s easier knowing that you are just a tiny part of the big picture, that you can’t make progress alone and that five is clearly an even number.

And that's exactly what we tried to implement in the concept!


Rebranding, Wording, Webdesign & Shop, Onlinemarketing Strategy

Frank, fresh & thrilling

Isegrim's Wine. When all players – plants, animals, humans and microorganisms – enjoy life in the vineyard, Isegrim's grapes taste good. There is no sorcery happening in their cellar. The grapes go with their own yeasts, with no flavour enhancement. Only sulphur. The rest: pure Nature.

Graphics Corporate Design: by Claudia Gruber
Pictures: by Sophia Schillik