Widmann Wine


Wine as a memory.

At the end of a wine-growing season, there stands a bottle of wine on the table. As a winemaker, you feel like you've summed up and bottled all the things you've experienced. Others write diaries or take photos to remember. Max produces wine. A bottle is like a written diary - a collection of memories. Moments that you remember, even if you open it after years.

A new winery in Bolzano. A place of freedom - where Max can find his way, where he lives out his ideas.


Brand strategy, Label & Packaging Design, Wording, Webdesign

Appreciating what you own

Wines with character: these aren't just words, this is Max's credo. He doesn't want to force his wines to wear a dress that doesn't suit them. They can naturally develop their personality - He simply assists them along their path.

Graphics Corporate Design: by Julia Wopfner
Pictures & Video: by Tiberio Sorvillo