Fenja Hinz Wine


A life where the appreciation of a product is paramount. That has always been Fenja's goal.
For Fenja it's all about the process behind creating wine. Her project is about the process behind winemaking. Because the beauty in wine is found in creative freedom. And sometimes wine is not just wine.

On the website, we tried to tell Fenja's story in a different way. Picture galleries followed by interview-style texts. Because only as long as you listen to Fenja, while you focus on the small things, when you see the process behind the wine, you understand what Fenja Hinz Wine is all about.


Concept, Webdesign, Copywriting & Print


"As a winemaker, my focus is on the vineyard and wine. I think a lot about working with the grape vines and nature because they set the pace. And in between these tasks, I lose myself and fall in love with so many moments and details that inspire me and bring forth new ideas.
Fenja Hinz Wine aims to create creative space with wines, providing room for other thoughts that arise during winemaking and communicating them. Or, sometimes just sharing something beautiful, a detail, something artistic with you. Because wine is also a piece of art – A creation by nature and the winemaker. ART FOR ART’S SAKE."

Pictures: by Tiberio Sorvillo & Fabian Pellegrini